Paranoid Park (2007)









A film by Gus Van Sant

Cast: Gabe Nevins, Daniel Liu, Taylor Momsen

Paranoid Park refers to a rough skateboard park underneath a bridge in Portland, Oregon — a place where, they say, “dead bodies” are buried underneath the contoured cement. A teenager Alex narrate the story using his journal were he is trying to confess the dark secret of his life. He is remembering the terrible thing that has happen in his neighborhood. He is the cause of it. He takes off but a detective is here at the school to interview him of where was is that night. Well that night Alex was suppose to go to Paranoid park to do a little skateboard but he didn’t think he was ready for it yet his friend Jared replied “no one’s  ready for paranoid park“. So he goes and meets a girl there which later he goes on the railroad and the tragedy happens. He runs and goes home. When he gets call to the principal office where a detective waits for him. He takes the low-key conversation.  He references his own youth, saying that he knows what it is to be young after all he was young himself back in the day. After the incident Alex wrote it all down after all his friend Macy (Lauren McKinney) told him to do so it is a good way to deal with things like that. Paranoid Park is a good movie about guilt, about  paranoia, about something that happen and was not intended to happen. Alex is a typical teenager in Portland long hair jean t-shirt fashion tennis shoes as he narrates the story his voice is flat. The audience will begin to feel the knot that Alex has in his stomach. The thing that I like is that the actor who has done a great job here make us think that they are regular kids instead of a star looking like a real kid. The freewheeling cinematography of Christopher Doyle is awesome. Paranoid Park is not a big commercial film but a film that is raw and provocative and well made.














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