Les souvenirs









A film by Jean-Paul Rouve

Cast: Michel Blanc, Annie Cordy, Mathieu Spinosi

English: Memories

Romain is 23 years old. He would like to be a writer, but for now, he is a night porter in a hotel. His father is 62 years old. He retires and pretends he does not care. His roommate is 24 years old. He thinks only one thing: to seduce a girl, any and by any means necessary . Her grandmother is 85 years old. She finds herself in a retirement home and wondered what she does with all these old people. One day his father arrived in horror. His grandmother is  gone. She escaped somehow. Romain takes off to look for her.

Here is a nice comedy about getting old, retiring, and being young finding love along the way. Here is a young man Romain (Mathieu Spinosi) who is close to his parents and his grandmother. His father retires after 40 years of service at the post office and pretend that hr is going to love retirement. Romain’s mother spent her time taking yoga classes also painting classes. His grandmother takes a fall in her apartment gathers his 2 brothers to make the decisions to get her into a retirement home, the nightmare of every old folks. She suddenly leaves the retirement home. Here is a grandmother who wants to live before she dies. Her son who is blaming himself and his wife who wants a divorce to top it all off. Here is a film classic well done, with drama and comedy but more comedy than drama. Beautiful cinematography of Paris as well as in Normandie. It is a light-hearted comedy which you can take your all family to see it.












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