Discount (2014)










A film by Julien Petit

Cast: Olivier Barthelemy, Corinne Masiero, Pascal Demolon

A branch of a chain of low-cost supermarkets, known as hard-discount in France, is about to replace its cashiers with automated cash-tills. This change will reduce jobs in the region where jobs are getting fierce and in today’s economy where there is a recession it is not a good thing. Five employees – Christiane (Corinne Masiero), Emma (Sarah Suco), Gilles (Olivier Barthelemy), Momo (M’Barek Belkouk) and Alfred (Pascal Demolon) decide to fight the system by creating their own low-cost supermarket.They  take some goods from the shelves and recuperate other out-of-date products destined to be thrown away and set up shop in Christiane’s Garage set up like a grocery store. They quickly get people to get rid of their inventory. When an other employe discover what they up to he wants a cut of the profit. So they go low key for a while but…….


Working at a low-cost supermarket it is like being in a prison, worker are search as they go in and when they go out, there is 35 second bathroom break for the men, 70 seconds for the women, cameras all over the place inside and out. 2 security guards watching the employee and timing the cashier spent with each customer checking out. I used to work in a supermarket for 13 years in the US and we used to call it a prison. Our department was our dungeon. At one sport store in Paris there were cashier at one time but now it is automated you do it yourself and 2 employees are watching and making sure that you are doing it right or if you need some help. It is called progress. We have subways some lines have a train without conductor. Some jobs are going to disappear unfortunately. There is dry humor running around this film like the one when the store manager gives one employee her pink slip, tell her she has until the end of the year to get an other job before she gets out of the door she tells her smile like a banana. Here are employees that are treated poorly and to top it all off the constantly tell them to smile. Like the store I was working in that’s what they told me all the time and I had to say hi to every customer that was in my department. It sis a constant battle with the mangers. That is why we called it the prison. Great film here By Julien Petit original idea. Love the ending. Keep in mind it is a comedy a la Ken Loach nothing wrong with that it works well here. The other thing that I like it that Julien did use like Hollywood as a tendency to do great looking model type people he used actors that feel like they are every day people from all ages. Nice little film that deserve your attention.

Discount (2014)



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