One False Move









A film by Carl Franklin

Cast: Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Cynda Williams

Here is a film who has a great deal of tension, with an emotional roller coaster as an amazing power. The film begins in Los Angeles with a series of brutal murders of people in the drug underworld. Three people are involved they are a team of 2 men and a woman the Girlfriend of one of them. Billy Bob Thornton play an insecure red neck who has a girlfriend played by Cynda Williams who a serious emotional baggage. Michael Beach as the partner, a black man whose wire-rim glasses and is a cold-hearted bastard who can snap at any time. Their original plan is to sell the drugs in Houston, but after they were identified as the  murderers they change course, heading for the small Arkansas town where Williams was born and raised. First mistake, well no second mistake first is stealing the drugs. There there is a sheriff played by Bill Paxton nickname Hurricane, the thing is he has not drawn his gun for now 6 years. Los Angeles detectives (Jim Metzler and Earl Billings) flew out to join him, and may the games begins.


The story goes back and forth between the two set of groups. It is not the usual cops and robber story this one has a bunch of secrets between the characters that you will discover as the story unfold in the front of your eyes. the right set of moods and tones are done well by Franklin who has done theater acting and a few series but now got a hold of his first project and a great one at that. He knew how to film this. There is no clichés here it was avoided big time. Great dialogue in this film after all Billy Bob Thornton has written it. The actors were not well-known back then  but there performances were outstanding .You will not be disappointed  with this film.

One False Move








One False Move


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