The Dirty Dozen (1967)









A film by Robert Aldrich

Cast: Lee Marvin , Ernest Borgnine , Charles Bronson

The U. S. Army singles out 12 really tough guys, murderers and rapists and men like that, and assigns them to wipe out a chateau where a lot of German officers spend their holidays. Of course they tell them that no one will return it is a dangerous mission and they have no choice they have to go. Before the big mission, the “dirty dozen” train under the leadership of Lee Marvin. There are some funny moment in this film like Wladislaw (Charles Bronson) was once a front-line infantryman who shot his platoon’s medic when the medic got scared under fire and started running, he said that the medic was running away with the medical supplies, the only way to stop him is to shoot him. Yes there is Jim Brown in this one playing Ice Station Zebra he is in for murder. Ernest Borgnime is great to watch as well as Telly Savalas’ who plays a mystical murderer of women who claims a divine calling to punish their sexuality, and you have the rest of the cast to name a few  Donald Sutherland, Clint Walker, Robert Webber, energetic John Cassevetes and Al Mancini. The all film is a big party they make fun of each other drinks and have fun. Before they go to the mission they throw a party that goes on till the end sort of speak. It is an iteeligent film however that began a cult film among fans out there. Of course they have one chances at that and they can not fail. Great fun film and entertaining as hell. I saw it five time and I love it more time. Yes I do have it in my collection.















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One thought on “THE DIRTY DOZEN (1967)

  1. Tonally, it’s a bit off. However, it’s a fun and exciting look at some of the most bro-tastic action stars getting together and doing what they did best. Good review.


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