snow therapy

A film by Ruben Östlund

Cast: Johannes Kuhnke, Lisa Loven Kongsli, Clara Wettergren

A swedish family on skiing vacation in the French Alps are starring down on an avalanche on a terrace of a restaurant during lunch. As the avalanche  grew closer everyone panic and left even the husband of this couple where the wife had to protect the children. the thing is they do not talk about it until one time at dinner with friends, the things is they have 2 different versions.

Here is a family who has a dilemma they have 2 versions of what happened at he restaurant. The film is set in the French Alps and I have to say I do live in a beautiful country when I was a teenager I used to go to the French Alps and ski for 5 to 6 hours at the time, and what a beautiful cinematography there is in this film. Even the night shot are spectacular. However the avalanche that occurs at the beginning of the film is not the only dramatic occurrence. The avalanche is a chain of event that follows a cascading of human emotion and human instinct with different action and reactions. Ruben Ostlund has written a story that is like a documentary/drama where human instinct especially male instinct is put in under a microscope. The pace is slow with an occasional comic relief and the tension build up as the film goes along. The Swedish family comprising Thomas (Johannes Kuhnke), Ebba (Lisa Loven Kongsli) and their two young children Vera (Clara Wettergren) and Harry (Vincent Wettergren), are  enjoying their skiing vacation together. But that all change when the avalanche Thomas reaction became the focus of the story. Ebba has told 2 different couples the story and what I like about it there were 2 different reaction of the couples. Here the performances of the kids are outstanding and so go the other actors. The thing is the way Östlund film this film he does very little cutting back and forth his camera stay there most go the time for a while and you will see people moving and doing things, then he will get into an other shot and do the same thing. It is different way of telling the story. One person walk out of the movie theater she might of thought it is too slow for me. The thing is it is about human emotions on a different level. I have to see more of his films. The thing is if you translate the tile correctly it should be Tourist. One more thing paid attention to the body language here.


Snow Therapy (2014)


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