DEAD CALM (1989)

DEAD CALM (1989)

A film by Phillip Noyce

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill, Billy Zane

On board a sailing yacht are a married couple who hope that the cruise will help them deal with the death of their son. On board the other ship , a sinking schooner,  is a young man who is  the only survivor from a tragic incident of food poisoning. He is taken aboard. The husband who is curious, goes to inspect the schooner, leaving his wife alone, who of course you guessed it he turns out to be a homicidal killer.

The three characters in the entire film well almost turn out to be a psychological strategic game. John Ingram (Sam Neil) Id the husband of Rae Ingram (Nichole Kidman) who can outsmart and outfight the homicidal killer. The film split in two the killer with the wife on the yacht and the husband in the other boat sinking where the water is rising up. This is were is the woman out smart the killer well there will be some fighting and tie up someone before anything is going to happen. Is she going to let her husband drown or going to kill the killer first after being assaulted by the killer that is the question that is going to get trough her mind. How to out smart him. and when she does get rid of him is he really gone? The acting is so good that you really believe that they have this hatred for each other. The tension is there and the director has make sure of that. A terrific little film that kick ass. Billy Zane can really play a great bad guy.


Dead Calm (1989)


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