Christine (1983)

A film by John Carpenter 

Cast: Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul

What I like about this film is that usually dude has a car date a girl that he loves. This film however reversed the theme dude loves the car and has a girl. The thing is here is the dude that loves his car more than his girl. I have seen this in my life time in Michigan when at the time I was hanging around friends that were car mechanics and some of them loved their cars more than their girlfriends. They customize their cars and spent most of the week end doing it. The thing that they have in common is that the have foam-rubber dice on their rear view mirror.The car is named “Christine.” It’s a bright red 1958 Plymouth Fury,with tail fins. Arnie is a wimp. He’s the kind of guy you’d play jokes on. But after Arnie buys Christine, he undergoes a strange Transmutation. He becomes cool, starts getting out with the hottest girl in town, dresses better, but this is where it gets strange Christine gets jealous you heard right the car gets jealous. Keep in mind that the screenplay is from the book by Steven King some imagination there that works well. Of course it is ridiculous that a car has a mind of its own. But it is fun to watch and it was fun. And the film is directed By Carpenter great choice there. Actually when you see the end of the film you will take side. Funny how that is. An other one by Carpenter who didn’t film the story seriously, he did it with humor that is the way to go. Actually the car is the star of the film.


Christine (1983)


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