A  film by Costanzo, Saverio

Cast:  Alba Rohrwacher, Adam Driver, Roberta Maxwel

The film opens in the bathroom in a Japanese restaurant. The woman enters tries to get in the bathroom but some one is in there. He gets out and yes he did the big stinky one in there the big shit that smell enough to kill an army. Where was he during world war II. But the thing is the other door to get out is stuck and they can’t get out what is worst is worse is that the man needs to get back in there and do an other one worst than the other. And the place smell like shit by 2 time more. As he apologize they make small talks. They get out. and the next scene they are in bed laying next to each other is that is not love I do not know what is. They are crazy about each other but the thing happens well it was a little predictable she got pregnant, so they marry. This is going to be a hell of a ride for Mina(Alba Rohrvacher) who is Italian and Jude (Adam Driver).

Interesting story from a book from Costanzo Saverio that was shot in New York. Her first english speaking film. And a good one at that. The audiences in Europe are different from the on in the US. In an other word if a film is too much intellectual the uS audiences might not like it. If a film has too much action slicing and dicing the European audiences might not like it. That is the way it is. Now this one takes us when a mother who did not want this child, to her she iso stay in the US she was supposed to be transferred back to Italy from her job suddenly has problem feeding herself when she was pregnant. Once the kid came out in the world she wants to protect it at all cost. Mina does not take the kid outside because it polluted out there, she is a vegetarian so should her kid. She thinks that she is purifying her kid but she is killing him slowly. A kid needs protein in order to grow with out it the body will not grow and the kid might die. Mina is stubborn and obsessed in keeping the kid on this vegetarian diet. Jude won’t have it and takes some desperate  measures. Here is what the director did when you see the film it can become claustrophobic who in this small apartment you have a sense to be close from the world and the noise outside the apartment. Also love is blind . Jude goes along with Mina at first but than some what wakes up and tries to save his son. The mother caught on to the bullshit of Mina she is not being fooled by her at all. I knew some one who’d a similar story where is wife was faking a illness fainting all the time she should of being an actress, she would not feed herself most of the time. The man that she married was blinded by love none of us and his family was buying her story they got divorce and had no kids thank god. At the end of the film it is painful as it is because in the end nobody wins.

Hungry Hearts 2



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