DOG POUND (2010)

Dog Pound (2010)

A film by Kim Chapiron

Cast: Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Mateo Morales

It is a remake from the original title Scum. It is a bunch of delinquent who are in juvenile rehabilitation center in Montana. It is the stories of those young delinquent which as soon as n the inside they will be faced with abusing and violent inmates as well as the guards. Some were drug dealer other car theft etc…

So if you are looking for jail drama you got one here and a great one. The guards are fair but tough at some point, they stand on their ground. The fellow inmates, however, range from passive,  eccentric to vicious,  pissed off to violent.The bullying inmates cause the most problem for Angel, Butch, and Davis, but, eventually, they find a way to make it stop and it is not pretty. They build a friendship. This is what is up in jail you have the drugs that comes in the bullies, the fight, and the rape scenes to top it all off the mutiny. The teenagers some want to get better others see no way to act as they acted in the outside. The violence follows them. They are not at peace and everywhere they go they bring the monster with them. It is not easy to rehabilitated an inmate as the guard sees that some of them as no end in sight. If you can rehabilitated them early you might have a chance that they will do good on the outside world. Because if you don’t their life will be get much worse when they get out and they will go back to jail or died. You see the frustration and the toll that it takes on the guards. Inside it is a question of survival. The third act is brutal but the final act even more. A cool film by Chapiron has done a great job here with a bold move that is ambitious.

Dog Pound-2

dog pound-3

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