CHAPPIE (2015)

Chappie (2015

A film by Neill Blomkamp

Cast: Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman

In the near future thing are a little different the police can not contain the violence and the crime in this city in Africa. So the next best thing is this young genius figure out a way to build robot cops to fight crime. So crime is going down and things are good. But Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) the genius wants to take it a step further, he developed artificial intelligence and wants to try it on one of the robot. But his boss won’t have it Michelle Bradley (Sigourney Weaver) won’t have it, she does not see the point. So Deon takes matter of his own hand. When shit happens.


Now I do not want to reveal too much about this film. It is interesting at that but how many times Blomkamp is going to manipulate the story involving a robot. Here is the thing In District 9 gradually a man becomes a robot. Then in Elysium a man is half human half robot. Now in this one he tackles with conciseness and robot. Trying not to give it away. Although I love his film and I am a die hard of Sci-fi film it gets to be a little old. But it is still good I am not knocking the film. The film takes places in Johannesburg where Blomkamp was born. Hugh Jackman play the other guy who has this robot cop lookalike (The original) and wants to use his robot to fight crime but the police won’t have it because it is fit for war not so much to fight crime. Bloomkamp tackles with artificial intelligence in this film, I remember a friend of min who used to work for GM in the artificial intelligence department they wanted to make the car smarter and run on its own that was back in the 80’s. He was telling me about this and was very interested in the subject. Look now they have cars that can drive itself. Also there is a guy in the US who want to develop robot and in the next 10 years he wants to every home in America but also to make them to protect the country he wants soldiers. I saw that on the news in France at one time not long ago. That is a dangerous thing remember the movie the terminator. Now there is a guy who makes this little robot for about 3000€ to help people with their chores at their home. It is good business in France soon but at what cost. If they are going to think for themselves and be smarter than a human are we still going to exist. That is if they can pull the artificial intelligence on a robot. i think it is a very hard thing to develop. Anyway The film runs 2 hours long the story is moving along just fine as well as the actor has done a fine job here. Some of you might not like Jackman’s character. It is worth a look.



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