THE OMEN (1976)

The Omen

A film by Richard Donner

Cast: Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, Harvey Stephens

I remember this film at the time it was the coolest thing. The thing is that back in the day in 1977 when I first got to the US I was in high school in Michigan some friends told me I had to have the drive in experience, so we went. 2 cars 8 guys, at the time the drinking age was 18. So one of the guys bought a case a beer, one got the cooler full of ice and we went. When we got there 2 guys of the first car went in the truck you see back then the cars were bigger. The other car did the same so we did not have to pay, I was in the trunk. When we find a place to park we got out and went in the car drinking beer. We were next to a car were they were parked next to a car with 4 girls inside we started talking one thing led to an other we were making out tough out the film. I saw pieces an bit of the film. When cable came in I finally got to see it. Memories so cool.


Gregory Peck plays the American ambassador to Great Britain  which means,that his son will have entry to the American political establishment. He has a wife and a kid Damien. What follows ofter that is a series of shocking events that seem entirely random upon first glance. A photographer figure out who Damien’s family circle is they are doomed to die. Damien will eliminate the obstacle of his life one of them was his nanny. I do not want to reveal to much but Donner the way he film this like thriller/mystery movie not an other slasher and dicer film that is usually the case in the horror film genre. The cinematography creepy has a brownish feel to combined with the creepy genius musical score the film stands on its on. A nice little horror film and I have to hand it to Donner nice job there. It is a smart film not you typical film with a bunch of teenagers getting high on vacation and getting slashed and diced until just one survives. Not it is a smart film that deserves a look.



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