exorcist 1973

A film by William Friedkin

Cast: Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Linda Blair

Here we go I happen to think about this one film here is why it was done beautifully well even the remade so I am told but I have not seen it yet. However when I saw this film I said what the hell? I was too young to see it. But when I got back to Paris for a vacation it was still in theaters my mom told me about she knew someone who went to see the film with her daughter she got so scared that she had to sleep with her mom, she could not sleep in her own room. It took about six months before she could sleep in her own room.

The story is simple girl is possessed and parents find a priest who can exorcist her to get the evil out of her. This was the first time that a film even tackle exorcism. It moves at a paced of a thriller with full-blown character and if I am not mistaken the film was based loosely on a true story. William O’Malley is a priest in the film but in actuality he is a real priest he claim that 80% of the story was true, it was not a girl but a boy who was possessed, the possession did not occur in Georgetown, DC, but outside the city in Maryland; and the color of the “pea-soup vomit” was not green. But everything else in the movie did actually occur well that is what he claims to his student, he was also teaching. William Peter Blatty has adapted the screenplay out of his best seller. Many of the technical and theological details in his book are accurate. The most accurate is the one with father Karras, to encourage the ritual of exorcism. “I have to sent the girls to the 16th Century” he says. Modern medicine has replaced devils with paranoia and schizophrenia, he explains. The exorcist manipulates feeling with a vengeance plus the special effects are back then out of this world. It was not done on a computer this was done the old fashion way. The vomiting and chairs are flying, the bed is banging etc..The film contains brutal shocks, almost indescribable obscenities. They really pushed the envelope with this film big time someone took a big risk and it paid off in a big way if you adjust the inflation rate the film become the all-time growing film ever so far. I remember some people telling me they went to see it 2 to 3 times. Max von Sydow as the older Jesuit exorcist for perfect casting. He got to be remembered for this film anyway. On the other hand Linda Blair had to have body guard with her at all the time for six month because of the death treat by the religious mongers. The thing is when people got out of the theater after seeing this film they were num and quiet so some was telling me and made them feel uneasy . This is not a feel good film obviously but it will shock you somewhat. Linda Blair was only 12 when she made that film.




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One thought on “THE EXORCIST (1973)

  1. I first saw this on the big screen. Quite an an anxiety-inducing picture! The music really makes it blood-curdling. –PD


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