A film by Andrew Hulme

Cast:  Frederick Schmidt, Martin Askew, David Spin

Based on a true story. Okay here is this dude named Dave (Frederick Schmidt) works for his uncle Jimmy (Martin Askew) the psychopath with ice in his vein who is a drug dealer in Hoxton London. Dave does the delivery of the drugs and takes his best friend who wants to make easy money. But Dave wants to move up in the family business and has a loose hand in it. well I mean by that he takes some of the merchandise like a kilo of drugs with him and sells it. To top it all off he knows the rules of the gang but yet in a strange way he is draw to the world of Islam to try to find peace with himself but nothing goes according to plan.

Yes it is the new wave cinema in the UK. The theme of a gangster trying to find peace with Islam religion is interesting. Now it is a crime/thriller that is moving at a slow pace.Based on the personal experiences of co-writer and actor Martin Askew. When the film begins you think that it is going the way like any other gangster film but it takes a couple unexpected turns. There is Dave who is trying to move up in the business but does a couple of stupid things he breaks the rules than he is drawn to Islam in order to find peace with himself. Frederick Schmidt who plays dave does a wonderful job there. However he has an uncle Jimmy (Martin Askew) like when his crew follows the rules becomes as cold as ice if they are not and they will be consequences that will follow if someone of his clan does no follow the rules. He is a drug dealer by the book , although he has something that he is cooking up. Mickey  (David Spinx) who try to get dave to work for him telling him there will be no rules and that he conduct business without violence yeah that is a switch there. A gangster who conducts business without violence that will be the day. Hulme his first film restrain himself to show the violence of the crime world. Instead of doing scenes with intense violence Hulme shows the yearning and the anger and the sorrow that are all bouncing around inside of Dave like a tennis ball. The crime story is secondary here it is focus on dave and the struggle and the anger that he has inside of him. The final scene is kind of touching like dave is trying to purify himself from his sins. A terrific kind of telling the story there and a great first film for Hulme who was a film editor.

Snow in Paradise (2014)

Snow in Paradise-2

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