The Voices (2014)

A film by Marjane Satrapi

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick

The Voices centers on nice-dude Jerry Hickfang (Reynolds), who works at a bathtub manufacturer in the small town of Milton. In his bright pink work jumpsuit Yeah! you that’s what I said pink Jumpsuit and bubbly personality, Jerry may come off as a bit demented, you will know soon it is for a reason. First if an employer tells me I have to work with a pink jump suit I am looking for an other job. Jerry has been seeing a psychiatrist (Jacki Weaver) to help overcome a recent tragedy, but he seems to be doing great…until she starts asking about his meds. “have you been hearing the voice” she asked. Well yes he has the voices of his dog Boscoe and psychopathic cat Mr. whiskers, both function as an angel and the devil both voiced by Reynolds. I am not going any further then that you will have to see the film but it is hilarious at times and like I said it is a dark comedy some of you is not going to like this one some if you will. You see Jerry has this trauma that happened in his life and you will see it in a form of flashback but Jerry does not want to be along so he does not take his meds and talks to his cat and dog which are not helping his situation plus he has a crush with this English woman in accounting. When he gets to get help with the company picnic and maybe he thinks he has a shot at asking out Fiona (Gemma Aterton). There is a fine balance making us care for a demented killer but Reynolds shine here he plays it with sarcastic humor and it works well there. Well to me it is a goofy sarcastic crime thriller/dark comedy. And by the way it is Reynolds best performance to date.

The Voices (2014)-2

The Voices (2014)-3


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2 thoughts on “THE VOICES (2014)

  1. Good review – I’ve never heard of this film. Ryan Reynolds in a pink jumpsuit and talking animals? Now that’s entertainment!


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