The Hitcher (1986)

A film by Robert Harmon

Cast: Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Jason Leigh

young man (Jim Halsey), who is taking his friend’s car to other state through the empty and deserted roads of America. He is very tired and almost collides with a huge truck. It rains hard. Soon he notices a figure standing by the side of the road raising his thumb. Jim stops and says the famous  line: “My mom always told not to do this.” And then, the incredible and nightmare of nightmare begins…

Here is this film that kick in your teeth and you will think twice about picking up a hitcher. Cool music by the door as howell drive though out the country when it is raining. Funny story pop ups in my mind. My best friend and I go to Lansing Michigan on a Saturday morning we meet an other friends of mine there who told us he had a 60’s impala at his mother’s house and that he was going to give it to his son on his 16th birthday. I was there to take some pictures for an other friend of mine at this car show . So when this was done we took off and pick up the Impala. His mom was glad that we are getting rid of it. My best friend and I took the car and drove it back to the hotel. It is 5:00 PM some what sunny no problem the car is running smoothly every thing is good. When I look back I go oh!!! fuck, fuck, fuck excuse my french well you know what I mean I am French and I know that is not french so my best friend says “what man?” I replied “Look in your rearview mirror. He takes a look and said well you guessed it. There was a black cloud coming in the back of us, in a matter of 5 minutes everything was dark like it was night. And the rain was pouring like bucket of water. The windshield was working then stopped i gave a punch on the dash board they went back to working I had to do that every few minutes. The blower was not working properly so I had to wipe off the fog off the windshield every so often. Here is the kicker I said “hope the radio is working would be nice to have some music, as soon as I turn it on the song from the film by the Doors Riders on the storm comes in and I said to my best friend and I will kid you not ” I hope we don’t see a hitchhiker on the side of the road because I ain’t stopping to pick him up”. We both bust out laughing out loud and I said ” Goddam we watch too many movies “. That was back in the 90’s good times just good times. By the way we called the car Big Bertha.


Okay let’s go back to the film Here is a dude who pick up a hitchhiker first mistake. He takes him in bit find out that he is not the guy who talks much. Here is a film where you do not know what is the motivation of this serial killer and why he kills people. Nor even a flashback of his life you know nothing about him. No one can talk him out not to kill, he has one thing in mind he will kill you don’t matter what. Howell and Hauer deserve each other here. There is some good action scene there and a gruesome and chilling scene with Leigh. Hauer is always a set ahead of the game. His career has been mostly B-rated movies but once in the while there is one that stand out. Good actor who didn’t make it to the top. the story moves along just fine and the film as grippy as it is as a sliver feeling to it. The cinematography is great just because the director was as cinematographer himself. Hauer plays a hell of a bad guy here and I never understood why he did become a star. This turn to be out a good Neo-Noir Thriller.



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