Incendies (2010)

A film by Denis Villeneuve

Cast: Lubna Azabal, Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Maxim Gaudette

After the death of their mother, twins in Montreal are called to the office of her employer. She had gone to work for him some 18 years ago after escaping sectarian violence and rage in a fictional town in the middle east. She left everything to her children plus 2 letters one to their father who the thought was dead and one to their brother who they didn’t own they had. They have to got on a quest and deliver the letters in order to properly buried their mother.

Here is an interesting but brutal stories that Villeneuve does not shy away from. Jeanne travels to the Middle East to carry out her mother’s wishes. But Simon does not agree with his mother wishes so he stays in Canada later on he becomes interested well you will have seen the film. With the help of the flash back we learn Nawal’s early live and it is not a pretty one. Born christian when fell in love with a Muslim at the time it was forbidden and there is consequences who took place. They were doing the unthinkable killing people in the name of the religion. It  is so surreal to see people even kids with gun killing others because they did believe in their religion Villeneuve goes there and show you the ugly picture of it. This film is based on a play by Wajdi Mouawad, The screenplay is suited for a film. The film has a chilling setting of rape, killing children, children killing others, torture. The performance of Lubna Azabal, who plays Nawal is above outstanding she is helping us to understand what her character goes though. The film that reveals secret is flawless it flows to the story so well that you are going to say what the hell is going on here? The twin’s lesson could had fail it was not ab easy task to do plus more secret were revealed along the way. The letters purpose I think was to tell them to go on this journey and to reveal her past life to them that she was not able to tell them. Incendies tells a chilling and shocking story.

Incendies (2010)-2



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