BIG EYES (2014)

Big eyes

A film by Tim Burton Cast: Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Krysten Ritter. 

This film is based on the true story of Margaret Keane who was and still is a painter know for her painting of children’s portrait with big eyes. This is her story and Tim Burton took this project and thank god he did. The story goes something like that.

Margaret ( Amy Adams ) walks out on her husband with in those days that was never done, takes her daughter with her and takes off to San Francisco where she meets her friend who tells her that she is going to love it her. While at an art sale, Margaret meets Walter (Christoph Waltz), a fellow painter who quickly becomes smitten of her and her paintings, and he quickly begins to encourage her not to sell herself short. They soon fall for one another and get married, and tries to figure out how to sell her art and where. Walter resorts to renting the walls at Jazz club owned by Enrico Banducci (Jon Polito). It is there that the paintings start to gain notice. Walter decided that he should take credit for the work of Margaret and tells people that it is his  art work. And so began A 10 years fraud in the art world. Walter is a smooth talker and gets away with almost anything with the ladies, so he decided that since he wanted to become an artist but failed at it. Meanwhile Margaret is repulsed by it but he promised her the big house with a pool. So she goes along with it and what after that became the biggest fraud in the art history. I live in Paris the capital arts of the world and I was not aware of that story. I have never heard of Keane. My mom is a big art buff and she never heard of her either.

Adams does a wonderful job here to portrait Margaret who was self deprive and was not that confident at all. She did know how to sell her art but she became a wonderful painter. Adams present Margaret  with flaws on the top of that it was difficult to be a women in the 50’s because it was a man’s world. Margaret opened doors with her arts and influenced a lot of people.

Big eyes

Waltz portrayed Walter has a charismatic man and you can see why Margaret falls for him. you see here you do feel a little bad for Walter and you do understand his motivation for it. Well played by Waltz who portray him full of life, love to flirt withe ladies, but unfortunately he was a bad artist. Burton here does a terrific job recreating San Francisco in the 50’s even Hawaii even the decor inside the houses was outstanding along with the cinematography. It is an independent film that burton goes back to and a terrific one.


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