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A film by James Bridges

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, Phoebe Cates

It is the life of Jamie Conway during a week period. A chaotic week. We follow him day and night. His week will be in focus and out of focus. Here is why Jamie is on cocaine and he is going to hit bottom soon. He is completely out of control. He drinks massive amounts of booze, followed by a line or 2 of  cocaine. Now you are going ti say well is he an alcoholic or a cokehead or both. He is using cocaine to stay awake.

Jamie (Michael J. Fox), red-eyed, puffy-faced and shaking with fear every morning when the telephone rings. He once lived in Kansas City and dreamed of becoming a writer, he met and married Amanda (Phoebe Cates), his pretty young wife. They met in a bar.  In New York, she finds overnight success as a model and drifts away from him. The movie makes it pretty clear that Jamie is the kind of guy who likes to go out. You follow him though out the night were he has dinner with a college student (Tracy Pollan) then goes out drinking with his cousin (Kiefer Sutherland) . A the restaurant he goes to the restroom and using cocaine he talks to himself and said “Let’s see you can go all night without chemical ” Here is some guy who is coked up all the time and this pathetic job and to top it all off he had  dream to be a writer but cocaine is more important. Fox is very good here and has a drunken monologue that is awesome the best he is ever done so far in a film. Alex Hardy (Jason Robards) plays a great drunk, he is a great actor in anything he does. He has some great roles at time and get under the character’s skin. I love this film almost by the end of the film you going to wonder how long Jamie’s life is going to last, at first glance you think he is going to die soon. I know someone like that many years ago I do not know if he is still alive. I think he saw the film but it didn’t phase him at all.





I first stated this site with 2 friends but I am the only one now taking care of it. I love movies sometimes that is all I talk about. I love TCM the best station ever. I am studying to be an Infographics/special effect for movies. I will put the best films on my website no exception. It is like I am evolving with it, I am constantly redoing stuff on it. So have fun with it and thank you for visiting.

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