A film by Jérôme Bonnell

Cast: Anaïs Demoustier, Félix Moati, Sophie Verbeeck

English title: All about them. 

Nice little film and it will be most man sexual fantasy what happen in this film. Hard to make it come true but hey! life goes on. So I am not going to reveal too much of the story here although…..Well a ménage à trois we did invent it in France after all. That is why I came back to France to try to get a ménage a trois going with a beautiful Danish woman and a beautiful French woman, me in the middle please. No fake boobs please (Inside joke with Pauly)

Mélody (Anaïs Demoustier) is the third wheel to the couple she has known for a year. She comes to the door step of her girlfriend house Charlotte ( Sophie Verbeeck) only to find that Charlotte’s boyfriend Micha (Felix Moati), has just returned from a research trip in the country. The catch is that Melodie and Charlotte have started sleeping together – unknown  of course to Micha, who’s just happy to be back home. Soon enough, he winds up falling for Melodie as well after he takes her home. They began to kiss and no they didn’t think they should be doing this. But Melody has second thought and kiss Micha back. She finds herself caught between a couple on the verge of separating, with both members completely smitten by her. So here it goes with a lot of  text messages, reservation to dinner, trying to see each other behind the other’s back, plus trying as well going to a party and get a kiss or two without the other see it. Well you get the point.


Here is a terrific film that is perfect. Well written and well told. They are some funny moment in this film. Anais Deloustier is becoming the finest actress in France, she is talented as hell she has done Bird People? the new girlfriend with François Ozon I can’t wait for her next film she could be the next Catherine Deneuve no that I like I compare. Or I should say good as Deneuve. The story flies well here with character development. The chemistry between the three are perfect. Plus look at Sophie Verbeeck who, is the newcomer here has done a wonderful job here. If she play her cards right she could go far in this business. It is a perfect little film with a cool ending to the story.



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