Dear White People (2014)

A film by Justin Simien, Adriana Serrano

Cast: Tyler James Williams, Tessa Thompson, Kyle Gallner

Dear white people is a gentle and not so gentle also satire about race relations. Sam (Tessa Thompson) has this radio show on a campus with (a fictional name) Winchester university she announces, “the minimum requirement of black friends you need to not be seen as racist has just been raised to two. And no you dealer named Tyron does not count.”) Upset over the school’s recent policy of desegregating residence halls, Sam decides to run for president of the African-American residence hall. By her surprise she wins forcing her to solve problems that she was complaining about. Hoops!!!! But a reality show who is looking for cast members might have something to do with her win. Then you have the wannabe actress Coco Conners (Teyonah Parris) who has a lot of anger and his jealous of Sam popularity it seems and Sam has a lot of black pride. You have Sam who is not crazy about her own race and Sam who is more white then black promote black power. There is your satire for you. Then you have Lionel Higgins (Tyler James Williams) drifts around on both sides , trying to figure out how he fits into all this to top it all off he his homosexual.

Dear White People

The first feature for Simiens shows and tell the story about his own experiences when he went to the University. In the film is asking where do the black people stand as well as the white people. It is like looking in the mirror. The thing is that I knew a black guy who did like his race seriously I would hang out with white people all the time, than you have blacks who likes rock-n-roll are articulate some would say to them “you sold out”. Than you have white dudes who dress like rap star and drive low-rider some act black. You have the white people who likes rap music and dress like rap star but act white. I know a black guy who like rhythm and blue, blues and jazz only. The point here is that Simien demonstrate that you have to look in the mirror sometimes. I know black people who has the same among go friend black and white. The thing is instead to pointe the finger at each other look yourself in the mirror. Some of them did not like what the saw, other does. So if a black guy is articulate and likes Rock does bot mean he sold out. Here Simien has written a satire poking fun and not at the whole thing. In my country none of this shit happens, is a matter of fact Tina Turner who retired in Nice France said one time being Black in France is not an issue like it is in America. So my point is so what if you are white and like rap have fun with it who cares those people know who they are. Now I can’t wait for Simien next film. Yes it is a bold film wit humor and originality.



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