Red Riding 1974

A film by Julian Jarrold

Cast: Andrew Garfield, David Morrissey, John Henshaw

Red riding is a great experience you will be drawn into the 70’s not only that but it is the time were the Yorkshire Ripper has struck West Yorkshire in England and before your eyes you will see a lot of police corruption taking place. Peter Sutcliffe, the Ripper, was convicted of killing 13 women, and may have killed more.The fictional Ripper here enjoys the same inexplicable immunity to police investigation. There is Three different director who has directed this trilogy with different style. Here it is it is complicated and has a lots of characters so beware you will have to follow this very attentively. Now keep in mind that there is the south of London and North and back then the North did not get along with the South. So there is the Ripper who strike and kill four women in 1974. The police investigate but it seems that most of them are corrupted and will do anything to catch this killer. In the meantime there is this new young journalist who is digging the story and goes where he does not belong. Much of the rest of the story involves conspirators who plot among and against themselves. Of course there is the public who is outraged and the ripper continues to kill. Plus the women does not feel safe any more. A veteran cop named Peter Hunter (Paddy Considine). He makes little progress, largely because the officers he’s working with have guilt to conceal and much to cover up. As the journalist get closer to the truth he gets beat up by the police because they are afraid he will found out about the cover up.

Great directing by Jarrold who tried to recreate the 70’s has done a terrific job, the film as an orange feel to it; you fell like you are back in the 70’s again in England. I went to  England in the 70’s when I was a teenager great times only. The casting couldn’t be more perfect here. It is a no non sense film that feel like you will say what the hell is going on here. Definitely a great ride with this film.


Cinelists -  Red Riding In the Year of Our Lord 1974 (31)


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3 thoughts on “RED RIDING: THE YEAR OF THE LORD (1974) – (2009)

  1. Loved this trilogy! Nice review, now I want to go back and re-watch them again soon.


  2. I missed this one somehow, but if it’s very hard to sort through I may wait for a quieter time to see it. Good review!


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