A film by Anand Tucker

Cast: David Morrissey, Lisa Howard, Chris Walker

Red Riding: 1983 connects most strongly with Red Riding: 1974. It flashes back to the 1974 this was the year if the coruption plus some prisoner got mistreated by being tortured of sort. Director tucker does not shy from the gruesome violence here by long shot. 1983 in the town of Fitzwilliam and another little girl has gone missing, raising concerns of  the man arrested for the abductions and killings in 1974 was the genuine collar. Detective Inspector Maurice Jobson (David Morrissey), who has been a some what willing participant in some of the force’s most disturbing activities over the last ten years, has now a conscience that is going in over drive, and looks at the man convicted might be innocent. in the meantime John Piggot (Mark Addy) has a new lawyer and he is trying to free himself because he is innocent. It might be that the real murderer is still at large and the police has to do something about It to me that is where it is a little predictable towards the end but do not get me wrong it is still good. Here we learn more about the depth of the corruption. And the male hustler BJ (Robert Sheehan) you will see him getting out of jail and traveling all trough the film until t-almost towards the end you go okay I got it. But it is all going to make sense.

Tucker’s vision is grippy and has a tension that will grab out by the throat no doubt. It is a darker neo-noir that will bit you in the ass. It has a dark human soul and maybe even if the police is corrupt something good will come it at the end or maybe not. I have heard that Ridley Scott has announced his intention to condense and re-make Red Riding as a major motion picture. I hope that don’t happen leave the original along. I have seen it where hollywood has messed it up big time. Go remake a bad movie and make it a good one.




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