A film by Alexander Payne

Cast: Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb

In Billings Montana David Grant (Will Forte) is consistently having to pick up his wandering yet elderly father Woody (Bruce Dern). You see Will’s father thinks he has won the lottery from some random sweepstakes. Woody now believes he has one million dollars waiting for him in Lincoln, Nebraska . Despite the best efforts of his two sons David and Ross (Bob Odenkirk) and his nagging wife Kate (June Squibb) Woody still wants to go to Nebraska and get his million dollars even if he has to walk to get there. Davis had enough so he drives his father to Nebraska. David starts to know his father a little more as the trip goes on. Secrets are revealed.


Here is a cool lighthearted story that comes once in a while and maybe many of you missed this one. a little warning here it is shot in black,  the director saw the story only in black and white. The screenwriter has written this  9 years ago and got pushed a side by the director due that he was shooting other movies. He went back to it and decided to do it. He put in Bruce Dern in it because he only saw him in the part. This story is a different kind of road trip. The thing is almost every one has taken a road trip with their family, sometimes it is a good thing sometimes it is not. The thing is that most people has family across the  country at some point to an other there is some obstacle along the way. a delay in Rapid City a stay in a hospital, where Woody’s wife decided to come in a stay with family there for a day or two. Soon enough Davis’s brother shows up. There is quiet of sex scandal of sorts and other little secret getting out. The other when the people of the town and the family starts to know that Woody is going to get a million dollars every body want a piece of that action. Word of advice here if you ever win the lottery and mark my words, do not tell anybody you won because they will have the balls to ask you for money even some friend that you saw 15 years ago will reappear and ask you for money Trust me on that. Anyway This is a film that most people will relate to and enjoy this little jewel of a movie.



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