A film by Olivier Jahan

Cast:  Emma de Caunes, Yannick Renier, Jeanne Rosa 

Éléonor(Emma de Caunes) in the late 30’s just lost her father. He left her house in Bretagne in the Côtes D’armor. She is  a photographer who had some success but the recession business is tough. She must sell the house, she needs the money quickly. She does not have her driver license so she ask her ex-boyfriend to drive her in Bretagne. She is playing with fire. She does not want to stay in the house along she has not come back since her father died. Then there is the real estate agent who is a people person finds client to visit the house. She sense that there is something still there with the couple.

Here is a film as realistic as it can be about human relation. Here is a woman in mourning can not let go the memory of her father and has trouble growing up. she is in distress because she is in the late 30’s and is afraid to spent the rest of her life along. She gets her ex to help her out but also the director give us the impression that the relationship is not over that there is still some answer that the two character wants to know. She has difficulty to sell the house where she had a lot of memories in. And here is a real estate agent who help her out without Éléonor knowing. Soon Éléonor is going to be 40 and she is very depressed which bring her to take a bunch of anti-depressant. Those three are going to go through a funny week-end full od surprises and emotions, tensions, memories absurd moment followed by yelling. The cinematography is breathtaking in Bretagne in the fall. I went there as a kid a long time ago and I loved it. I have to get back there some day.  Just take a look at the house and the propriety is just beautiful. Great talent here the actors as well as the director who took 15 years to do the next film.


Les châteaux de sable (2015)


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