Jamais de la vie (2015)

A film by Pierre Jolivet

Cast: Olivier Gourmet, Valérie Bonneton, Marc Zinga

English translation: Not on your life. 

Frank (Olivier Gourmet) a security guard at night watches over a supermarket. He has a monotone life work, sleep eat, work….Not too much in his life is going on. Until one day he notices something. He investigate a little more and decided to do the unthinkable.

Here is a man without hope nor future who will have to work until his 70’s ( Retirement age in France is 62 ) and still will have nothing too much in his pension plan to survive.  A little romance is flourishing with the social worker.  The world that he does his without a future, it’s boring. Those that he meet are just coming and going Ketu a young man played by Marc Zinga who is the objet go the collateral damages in the story. Finally Mylène (Valérie Bonneton) which meets regularly Franck to evaluate his job and his professional future. From there will be someone hurt with a knife, some gun fire, a pair of pants will ripped, cars will collide. There is not emergency exit here it is going to get rough and it is all going downhill. Happy ending yeah! right. It is a film like the Dardennes brothers makes but darker like a film noir.

Jamais de la vie (2015)

Jamais de la vie (2015)


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