DAS BOOT (1981)


A  film by Wolfgang Petersen

Cast: Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, Klaus Wennemann

When Das boot came over the US it had a huge success and was 145 minutes long. Was nominated with 6 oscars one of them was for best foreign film. In 1997 the director re-release it with the director’s cut edition a little bit longer 210 minutes. Now if it was an US film it would have a different ending. But this one is a German film well written, acted, and filmed. Das boot is the story of this submarine from beginning to end as far as they can recollected. It has a fell of a documentary film here and has an impact. A journalist has been assigned with the crew. The centerpiece of the film is an attack on an Allied convoy. The chase is done by sound and the crew has to whisper most of the time. They endure attacks with depth charges for a while at the time. The sub will leak some water and the crew will try to patch it up if it is small if it is big they just closed the all commitment off. There is one scene the sub come up and administer the coup of grace you see sailor who are still on board and some who are jumping off the boat. The captain of the sub says “why aren’t they rescuing them. Some of the sailor are finally going on the U-boat. Then the sub backs up and leaves. It is easier to see the impact from a periscope then up close I suppose.

The film was shot in a submarine and you will feel what is claustrophobia is . The soldiers are in those spaces for months at the time before they get off the sub. Peterson direction is just pure perfect here. The film feels that it is dark and grippy. You senses what the soldier fell at the time. There are no room for error here. An error will mean it will cost them their life. They have to depend on each other. They have to work as a team. The cinematography is perfect here the camera moves through the boat from one end to the other, plunging through cramped openings, hurdling obstacles on the deck, ducking under hammocks and swinging light fixtures, from one end to an other. Even Truffaut loved this film. Highly recommend to put this one on your list.




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