the absent one

A film by Mikkel Nørgaard

Cast: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Fares Fares, Pilou Asbæk

The translation of this title is Pheasant Killers. But I am guessing with a little research the english title is going to be The absent one. It is the highest grossing film in Denmark. I heard it’s coming to DVD internationally and you’ll have a chance to see it as well. And I suggest that you do. Fasandræberne is an extremely graphic and undaunted crime film one that you should be warned about before you decide to see it. I am just putting this out there just in case that some people are a little weak of the stomach. To me it was fine. It is well made and well told.The film is a bit resembles of the TV series  Cold Case  in that the story involves a police unit which investigates unsolved crimes called the department Q.

the absent one

There is this party in honor of the new department who is being open the department Q (cold cases). Three people will be in charge of the department headed by a woman. Carl Mørck (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) goes outside to smoke a cigarette. When he is surprise by a man who tells him about a case that happened  20 years and is he going to look into it. The next day Carl is called on the crime scene. It is the man that he talk to last night. A retired detective who committed suicide but opening his veins in a bath tub. So carl now looks into it with his partner Assad ( Fares Fares). They soon discover that a bunch of crimes in the area that happen 20 years ago is connected to each other.

Here is a danish thriller that kick ass. The Danish knows how to make those thriller. I have been watching some of them from time to time and I find them really good. Although there is the first of before Fasandræberne called the Keeper of last causes. Which I did not see yet unfortunately. The third installment will be the Keeper due by next year. It is the adaptation of the books by Nikolaj Arcel who is known for the Girl with the Dragon tattoos. Nothing of the unusual here it is somewhat a similar set up police story. it moves along just fine. The thing is that those detectives the way they get away with some of the things they do they would end up in jail. The tension never lets up though out the story; That shows you that some rich kids can get away with shit that  they shouldn’t get away with. Carl is obsessed with the case to the point it is consuming him big time. No one wants to put up with him but his partner Assad. Wj-hile their boss does not think that she is made to do this job. a pretty gruesome job where you see death day in and day out. Great thriller by Mikkel Nørgaard which I would recommend big time.

the absent one


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