SEA FOG (2014)

Sea Fog

A film by Sung-bo Shim

Cast: Yun-seok Kim, Yoo-chun Park, Ye-ri Han “Haemoo” (Sea Fog) is based on a 2007 play about an incident in 2001 in which 25 illegal immigrants died while being smuggled into South Korea. On 7 October 2001, the vessel Taechangho dumped into the ocean the bodies of immigrants who had suffocated while being hidden in the fish storage tank. according to the press the boat had taken 60 Chinese and Korean-Chinese and there the bodies of the dead over board. South Korea made an official apology to China about the incident. Now keep in mind it is not based on a true story, it is base on the incident in an other word the screenwriter said to himself what if this would have happen and made his own story. It became a love story but a dark one.

The story goes like this a fishing boat gets back from a fishing trip. But not too many fishes has been caught. The captain has an old boat and does not want to buy a new boat but remodeled the old one. A friend tells him he can make big money in transporting illegal immigrants. Captain Cheol-joo (Kim Yoon-seok) accept the deal without the consulting the crew. And things began to go wrong. Well first there is the fog that won’t go away. Hong-mae (Han Ye-ri) is one of two women of the group. They say a woman on the ship is bad luck two is trouble. That is the superstition that they believe. You know the Murphy Law once something is going to go wrong everything is going to go wrong.

The thing is that one of the sailor falls in love with her. the other wants her too but for different reasons. People are desperate in search of a better life and will do anything to get there. Even if the condition are not so good they will take a chance. A friend of mine used to say if I have to go to hell to get to Paradise so be it. In 2008, 58 Burmese illegals on their way to Thailand suffocated in a seafood lorry. In 2003, a truck driver abandoned a trailer in South Texas. The milk trailer contained 60 illegal aliens. one of them was a 5-year-old boy. It is all over the news. Like I said people will risk their life for a better life and they will pay a lot of money to get there. Like I said with the Korean cinema it is a new wave going on. They does their film with better story telling, and character driven they have reinvented themselves reinvented cinema. They take risk. Of course there is some humor into it. And like i said a love story is this environment is taking place. The tension is building around the crew that you can caught it with a knife. Now the ending I thought they were going that way with it but they didn’t I should have remember that I was watching a foreign film not an American film. Great ending in this one.

Sea Fog

Sea Fog


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