mr majestyk 1974

A film by Richard Fleischer

Cast: Charles Bronson, Linda Cristal, Al Lettieri

I’m telling you kid you are in the wrong business. It goes like this Mr. Majestyk has a water melon business who finds himself between the mob and a professional hit man.

He is this tough guy farmer who does not let people push him around. In the mix there is a love story between Mr. Majestic and a beautiful Gypsy. Plus you have you standard car chase, explosion, gun fight a la western, fights, and a beautiful woman in the middle well 2 beautiful woman in the middle one for the good guy and one for the bad guy. Bobby Kopas (Paul Koslo) plays the mobster here not too frightening for a mobster, although Paul was the busiest actor in the 70’s of course playing bad guy most of the time than in the 80’s he played more in the TV series. Still alive at 74 years old and still working. Than you have this tough hit man Frank Renda ( Al Letteri ) who also play mostly bad guy most of the time. He was Italian American who unfortunately died of a heart attack At 47. He played along star like Steve McQueen and of course Bronson. Here is the thing that I like, they chase the truck across dirt rough road and the truck goes airborne, you know as well as I do they must went trough a dozen truck to do those scenes. Plus you get one unique scenes where two thugs shoot a ton loads of watermelons with machine guns.  Yes it is fun to watch. Do not miss this one.

mr majestyk 1974

mr majestyk 1974


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2 thoughts on “MR. MAJESTYK (1974)

  1. Nice job! This is a great film!!!


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