Domicile conjugal 1970

A film by François Truffaut

Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claude Jade, Hiroko Berghauer

English title: Bed and Board. 

Okay here it is first you will have to see Les quatre cents coups (1959) (the 400 blows) by Truffaut. Here is why because the actor Jean-Pierre Léaud plays in it , he was a kid back then. The Truffaut did’t return the Antoine character until The Stolen Kisses (1968) . Now in his early 20’s the continuation of Antoine’s life in Bed and Board (1970). You see those films are ageless they are truly classics and will stand out more than those from Hollywood because to me that is story telling at his best. When The 400 blows and breathless came out here went the new wave cinema and it took off like a bullet.


You see Antoine a little older like I said in his 20’s has various job and love. He is married now and leaves in this apartment in Paris decorated with Christine’s touch, above the courtyard where Antoine works. I loved the 70’s in Paris especially those courtyard where every body knew and talk to everybody now days none talks to anyone just saying hello and that is it. How things changed.The building is inhabited by a bunch of interesting characters. Truffaut gives us how life is going on in the courtyard. Later Christine, Antoine’s wife become pregnant. Antoine gets a job in an American company doing something like playing with radio control boat. Truffaut does not explain Antoine’s job. I am not going to tell you any more than that just in case you didn’t see the film. But this film is an art film that flows just right about the life of Antoine and Christine and the other Characters that surround them. Trust me when I say that the film will not age it is a great classic, it is story telling at his best. They don’t make those anymore. One more thing at the beginning of the film Truffaut film the leg of a woman that we follow I think Truffaut loved women’s leg and may be had an obsession with it. Like Russ Meyer loved women with big boobs. To each his own.

Domicile conjugal


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