A film by Mark L. Lester

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Dan Hedaya

I saw that one at least 4 times and it never gets old. This is your typical movie action formula. The hero used to be a commando in the special forces. He had a daughter and leaves in the a remote location in the western area of the US. The story begins where a guy is murdered by some heavily armed garbage men. Soon after we get introduced to the retired colonel John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his daughter Jenny (Alyssa Milano), we learn that the people who are getting murdered used to be in the colonel’s unit. Matrix resist the call but soon after his daughter gets kidnap, and he learns that a ex-member, Bennett (Vernon Wells) has been doing the dirty jobs. So Matrix goes into commando mode to save his daughter. What follows after that is a lots of guns, a wild choice of villains, chases, one-liners, explosions, more guns, bigger guns, and enough dead bodies to keep a mortician’s convention busy.  Just let  your brain just enjoy the escape, Commando is a good movie to see with a few friends, some burgers fries, and beers all around.


Here is an action film well done to top it all off after Terminator Arnold got serious with his career. He became the bigger than life action hero. The film never stops. Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong) becomes Matrix side kicks. Great scene here in the shopping mall when Cindy tries to follow even seduce Sully (David Patrick Kelly) and fails miserably which follows by some great action in a shopping mall and a car chase. The collection of dead bodies starts, and you will see some serious fighting hand to hand combat toward the end. In the mix let’s put a few explosions that will be the icing on the cake. Chong does a great job in this film, her performance is nice of a normal person considering the circumstances. Have fun with this one. Of course but the end of the film the local mortician is going to be rich man.



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3 thoughts on “COMMANDO (1985)

  1. Paul S on said:

    Commando is still the same enjoyable insanity that can be watched at any time for fun.


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