A film by Uberto Pasolini

Still life

Cast: Eddie Marsan, Joanne Froggatt, Karen Drury

It is a tale of a British civil servant named John May (Eddie Marsan) unmarried but yet married to his job. He has a delicate job of investigating of the deceased people who died along. He tries to find out if they have still family and gives them a decent burial. He searches their apartment in attempt of finding some kind of indication of finding a family member or more to inform them of this sad news. If he does not find anyone He observed the object and photos that he finds in the apartment and tries to make the best eulogy possible.

Uberto Pasolini was fascinated by this kind of work so he decided to observed a woman who was into this particular job for 7 month. John May is a meticulous man, he is a model employe who is sensitive to this job. He works, goes home eats the same thing everyday even does the same thing everyday. after eating he goes through the photos of the deceased and put them in an album photo. Each cases that you will see in this film are based on real one. Like most of his client John lives along ,he suffers of loneliness. He has the same ritual every night . He is not a sad man he is happy in what he does, he really loves his job. When one day he gets a call, a neighbor of his has died. John goes into work mode has he does every day try to find friends and  relatives then he life takes an unexpected turn well 2 unexpected turns. Every frames in this film is still no camera movement here,  of course you know why, that was the smart thing to do. Eddie Masan who plays in the series Ray Donavan (2015 – ) shines here, he has done an outstanding job here. The ending is perfect you don’t see that too often in movies those days. It is a jewel of a film here that you should miss.




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