TAXI (2015)

taxi 2015

A film by Jafar Panahi

Cast: Jafar Panahi  

Jafar Panabi is a director in Iran. Now let me explain something. In the United States as well as in France we have the freedom of expression but in Iran you do not. Films that comes in Iran comes illegally in. There is a lot of restriction if you want to do a film. No violence, no political film, women in veil only and other human can’t touch each other, etc…So Panihi took upon himself to make a film in his cab he set up I think 3 cameras and pick up passages in Teheran. His other film was filmed in secrecy in his home but not this time. The thing is that when he put the cameras in his cab because it is a theft deterrent tool. So he decided to a film about it and you will noticed and hear what the passage talks about, like this he avoids government detection. And now you have a different kind of road movie.

taxi 2015-2

Taxi is directed by Iranian director Jafar Panahi. It is Third film since 2010. The Iranian government had him convicted for propaganda and is ban of making film for 20 years. He was confined to house arrest in Tehran and he is not allowed to leave the country. Panahi was unable to attend the Berlin festival in person. He won the golden bear for his wok on  Taxi. It is a work of fiction masquerading as a documentary. He mounted like I said, I think three small cameras in his taxi, and went off. We get introduced to a number of characters like the DVD bootlegger who recognize Panahi. Justifies his profession saying “how student are supposed to learn film making and By the way you bought me midnight in Paris last time.” Later a friend tells Panahi he was attack by the owner of this juice bar but does not want to make a complaint to the police because he is afraid that they will execute him and it does not go well with him. The best to me was he pick up his niece who tell him that the film class teacher want her to make a movie real life movie but not real real and the rules are that no political stuff, two human being can touch each other, a woman has to have her veil on, etc….but yet she has a camera to film things. you will see what she tell the boy who pick up the money that a married couple dropped in the street, a kid pick up money dropped by a passer by, she tells him to give it back so she can use it in her film.  A smart proposition about the nature of directing ,but in real life the kids is going to keep the money. A bunch of other characters are hoping up talking about almost anything. You see in France and in the United States and others country we have the freedom to express ourselves. In Iran it is not the case that’s when a director start to exhale and use his imagination and will make a film don’t matter what. This how an director in an oppressive regimes thrive. Panahi’s film is an important sign for the freedom of art. He has made a light comedy with serious cultural and political issues. i can’t wait for what he is going to do next.

taxi 2015-3


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