CAPRICE (2015)

caprice 2015

A film by Emmanuel Mouret

Cast: Virginie Efira, Anaïs Demoustier, Laurent Stocker

Now the film that Anaïs Demoustier plays in called à trois on y vas is about this ménage a trois. Well she did an other one but a different one this time with Mouret who is our woody Allen who keep on doing romantic comedy and he does them well. Of course it is written by him.

Caprice offers an enjoyable if not entirely memorable ménage à trois between a mild-mannered schoolteacher, a platinum blond actress, and the young wannabe actress who risks pulling them apart. Fifth grade instructor Clement (Mouret) yes he is an actor also cannot put a sentence together when he meet the lovely actress Alicia (Efira), a film and theater star whose nephew he’s been hired to tutor in math. Everything goes well and they embark into this wonderful relationship. A drunken night out with best bud, Thomas (Laurent Stocker),  Clement winds up sleeping with Caprice, who he met during one of Alicia’s shows days earlier. Things becomes complicated because Caprice wants no more than a casual sexual regular relationship. Meanwhile Thomas and Alicia seems to hit it off and suggest that maybe something is going on there.

Caprice 2015

Mounter plays his characters almost like woody allen even the story is nothing original but it works here. There is a scene with a coffee cup that is hilarious as hell. Also the one where he breaks his legs and tries to get to his apartment. Demoustier as I said before is shinning here in this one again she seems to get in the right film. She has great chemistry here with Efira. This film feels like a woody Allen film but made in France. There is nothing wrong with that but my guess is to try to find an original idea and make a go of it. Although I enjoyed the film a nice romantic comedy with some french scenery to go with it and yes there is wine drinking in this film after all t is a french film.

caprice 2015


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