A film by David Cronenberg

Cast: James Woods, Deborah Harry, Sonja Smits

A sleazy cable owner is looking for the next big thing on TV. He is looking to shock the audiences with something that they haven’t seen before, something like porn / explicit violence. Max Renn James Wood when he find it he finds it on a low-rated cable station call Videodrome who is based in Pittsburg. So Max goes there to find out more about this cable station. Then comes the Hallucinations dead bodies, cancer guns maybe, stomach vulva, is it really biting or videodrome taking over?

Videodrome - 3

It is a stylish imagery were visual film by Cronenberg who does know how to do a horror Sci-fi film here and a dam good one at that. I think videodrome was ahead of its time at the time back then. It is the consummation of images violent at that and porn which are most people get turn on by now days. Let me put it to you this way it is about our un-healthy consumption of visual media. It is refreshing to see a film about this subject matter. I think that there is a consumption of snug film as well where it is illegal to produce this kind of film. There are underground film of rape and sadomasochist out there as well. Everyone is going to interpret this film differently. You see Max having those hallucination and some of them are gruesome overtime he watches those images or films of extreme violence he is self-destructive himself slowly. He is consumed by it. You see we are bombarding with images all day that is TV, Cable, or magazines so much that we can even use are imagination any more. With this film Connoisseurs of disturbing imagery and extreme violence will not be disappointed. Rick Baker (Seven-time Oscar-winning special effects makeup) does an impressive job creating some of the most memorable gruesome  sequences in horror. See back then that is the way it is done now days it is computerized special effects. Now this film is an acquired taste and is certainly not for everyone. This film will be appreciated by films buffs only. James wood does an extraordinary job here. It has become a classic, after all it is an intelligent film and they should make more of them. This film is becoming reality.



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