A film by David Cronenberg

Cast: Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan

Here is a good one for you. Interesting premise and a little eccentric one at that. A couple of hunter are hunting scanners across the country. Scanners are people who can telepathically read mind, destroy them literally including machines through telekinesis as well. Cameron Vale (Stephen Lack) is a homeless Scanner who has been captured by hunters and was giving the task doctor named Paul Ruth (Patrick McGoohan) to hunt down an evil scanner named Daryl Revok (Michael Ironside) Scanner named Kim (Jennifer O’Neil) along his side they must try to track him and his goons down before he goes into world domination mode.


Here ia an interesting Sci-fi / horror film by Cronenberg. Here is a director who mixes Sci-fi and horror well which no other actor has done at that time before. It feels a little B-rated film but who cares it is just fun to watch and a different film at that. M.ironside has been acting since the 70’s and he is still at it today does a great job here, he is this terrific actor that some of us know who he is. He didn’t get to be the start but the working actor. He was at his peak of his career then. I revisited this film it has been since 1981 that have not seen it but the only thing that I remember in this film id the head exploding factor as i call it. The film has still a great among of followers to this day. Stephen Lack does not carry the picture here even if his performance was believable but Ironside shines here big time, his sinister / menacing performance hold out and carries the film. The visuals of the film still stands up, the special effects are awesome in this no CGI here what so ever. Back then the films like this never went over a million dollars now days forget it is at least over 75 million dollars of so. Inflation at its best. The ending of this film could not have been better.



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