Le labyrinthe du silence

A film by Giulio Ricciarelli

Cast: Alexander Fehling, André Szymanski, Friederike Becht

Original Title: In the labyrinth of silence 

Set in the 60’s in  Frankfurt Germany, a young prosecutor, Johann Radmann (Alexander Fehling), who is ambitious  gets a  caseload of traffic violations his firm has given him, as on of his co-workers says we all started that way. Opportunity knocks on his door for Radmann in the form of a local journalist, Thomas Gneilka (André Szymanski), who wants t someone to  looks into his friend’s, Simon Kirsch (Johannes Krisch), accusations. An artist and Auschwitz survivor, Kirsch claims that he has seen a former Nazi teaching at a local school. Unfortunately no one is willing to take Krisch’s case, They want to sweep this under the rug, like it never happened. Of course Radmann wants to make a name for himself, he does a little investigating. He is not prepared for what he finds and how deep is the cover up. He can’t believe his eyes that they want to sweep this under the rug. Radmann discovers that thousands of Nazis simply went back to their  life after the war ended like nothing ever happened . Later on, he discover that his relatives, and the relatives of his friends as well as the father of his girlfriend, may have been former Nazis as well that has to be the horror there.

Le labyrinthe du silence

The German wanted to tell a different story in the history book in their country, it raises the question regarding the government  role in the telling of history. You began to understand why he was given this job because  the lack of education that Radmann’s generation received regarding what really happened in Auschwitz. It took a dedicated for Radmann to  pursuit of the truth and all hell broke loose . Because the 201 prisoners who survived told their story and was it ever gruesome. People were in shock and some of them in disbelief that this ever took place. You see for years the germans knew what has happened but did not want to tell anyone what really happen. Like one said because I am ashamed of what I did. Of course you damn well that the SS who got thrown in jail finally had no remorse of what they did what so ever. Some soldier has it came out said to the public when Hiller wanted soldier to fight they were drafted they had no choice that was that. The did what they were told of get shot. I bet you that some of the SS officer took pleasure on torturing and killing jewish people. They should  have been put to death when convicted. At least they got were jailed for the rest of their life. Now you can see why the wanted to sweep this under the rug most of them were ashamed. Some of the SS officer lived in other countries hiding out ofter the trial I bet they convicted 17 of them back then. Of course there were more later on. All over the world they started to do the same thing convicted SS officers. Anyway the cinematography is perfect here Giulio Ricciarelli for his first film has done well here. As the story went along you can feel the tension. There is a bit of romance in  Radmann’s  life which is a nice touch. Here you see an ambitious prosecutor who has an incredible will power and rigorous in his work to get there and seek justice.

Le labyrinthe du silence


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