A film by Denis Dercourt

Cast: Albert Dupontel, Cécile De France, Patrick Mille

Marc (Albert Dupontel) is a stunt man specialized in horses. A serious accident on the set make him lose hope of getting back on a horse. Florence (Cécile De France) who works for an insurance company is in charge of Marc’s case. This brief encounters will spark their life’s passion and will throw them off Balance. Dercourt was a Professional musician turn to exploring passion to his two characters in this story. Marc is forced to give up his career due to the accident. On the other hand Florence who works for an insurance company was a pianist has had doubt of becoming one.

The story focuses on those two characters one will the loss income the other one with the lose of being a pianist. When Dercourt did the casting he put cécile and Dupontel they look like the odd couple. But that is a stroke of genius here. She is elegant and is a tranquil person. He is a little wild and takes charge. The sexual tension is there little by little it builds up. Here is the thing Florence takes his case and advance him some money so he can redesign part of the house so it will be adapted for a wheelchair. They want to give them a settlement which is not much of one. the doctor told him that he never will walk again. But Marc refuses to sign the deal so the money stops coming in and the bills piles up. The thing they need each other to see that they have a passion and they should carry it out. Marc with riding again and competing, Florence playing the piano again. If they didn’t meet this would never had happen. Albert Dupontel rode horses to do his own stunts one which is pretty difficult to do It took about Six months I believe. Cécile had 3 month to play the piano and she pull ir off beautifully well. Dercourt should have put the story from the beginning when Marc was a stunt man and doing competition so we would have known what kind go man he was instead he started when he got back to the hospital. But it is still a good film.




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