1,000 Times Good Night

A film by Erik Poppe

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lauryn Canny

Rebecca is an internationally renowned war photographer. While she is on assignment in Afghanistan to follow a group of women preparing a suicide attack, she is seriously wounded by the explosion of a bomb. Back home in Ireland, recovering from this trauma, it must face another trauma. Marcus, her husband and Stephanie, his oldest daughter of 13, no longer bear the anguish that she might or might not make it home . Rebecca, who is torn between the suffering she inflicted on his family and his passion photojournalist, is facing an ultimatum: choose between his job and his family. But can you really escape his vocation, as dangerous as it is? Wii she adjust to the home life?

Here is a film that will make you think. Poppe with a stroke of genius to cast Juliette Binoche in this film here is an actress who is driven by her career and to want to make the world a better place to live looking at global warning. The film just got release today in France so I decided to see it but didn’t know what the film was about and to my surprise this subject matter was not too much done before not in that way. You see Poppe was a war photographer for years before he became a director. The thing is that Rebecca loves her job and she is fearless at it. She goes with a group of women who prepare for a suicide attack and goes with her which she takes the last picture of the woman before she is going to blow herself and people around her. The dilemma is when she returns home from the hospital she is put to the test she is trying to keep her family together. Her youngest girl does not realize the danger that her mom is in at her job, all she knows is that she is coming back no matter what. The oldest know the dangers of it so does her husband. It is a rough job but someone has to do it and fortunately there is a lot of them that love this job. Some of them even get kill doing it. Rebecca is not for the home life too much she likes the adventure that the job brings her, so it is a little tough for her. And for a woman to do this job she feels that she is abandoning her family. You see she wants her photograph to make a difference in the world she wants people to see them. The cinematography is superb here I except no less from an ex-photographer. Juliette Binoche has done a great job here like always no doubt. The ending is perfect and raw to the core.

1,000 Times Good Night

One thousand Times Goodnight


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