A film by Jean-Luc Godard 

Cast: Yves Montand, Jane Fonda, Vittorio Caprioli

Here is a great film by Godard and many of you will not understand what he was trying to do. First he never told the usual story like any other director. He did film his way the way he saw it, and sometimes it did not make sense but who cares. Here is the film that he told like a documentary but the usual way. Yves Montand who plays a director who directs advertising was a film director. He is married to Jane Fonda who speak very well english here and fast like most french people like me but delivers a great performance as Yves Montand’s wife / journalist, here is the really kicker this was in 1972 when everything was in Chaos there was a recession in France so Godard took advantage of this film this film out of the ordinary. You see Yves Montand and his wife had an interview with this factory boss who got taken hostages but the employees because there were unsatisfied of the condition the were working in. The film is done in a narrative voice. Like i said some of the film will not make any sense but who cares it is well film has few dialogue if there is some it is long and to the point. There is a scene where the boss is trying to got to the bathroom and the employees won’t let him because he was bitching about them taking to long to go to the bathroom. Funny scene here.

Like i said well film by this genius director who manages to do a film like a documentary but out of the ordinary Tout vas bien right, right. A film full of Blah! blah! and that is fine here , tout vas bien. It is an art film and tout vas bien. You see here the acting is natural as they come and tout vas bien. If you are a true Godard fan well tout vas bien. You will love this film. Terminé. Trust me tout vas bien.



Godard on Tout vas bien. 


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