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Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément! (2015)

A film by Clovis Cornillac

Cast: Mélanie Bernier, Clovis Cornillac, Lilou Fogli

English: A little, a lot, Blindly. (Blind date)

It is a romantic comedy with some dark flavor à la old fashion dealing wi a modern theme. If that makes any sense. The way we communicate with each other. This is a little different from your usual romantic film.

Machin (Cornillac) is a reclusive game designer who never gets out of his apartment. His neighbor is a concert pianist who is preparing for a classic piano competition, she lives along for the first time. The wall is paper-thin and you can hear on the other side. In order foe them to co-exist they have an arrangement they agree on a system which allows them ro continue on with their daily life. As the days goes on without aver seeing each other they start falling in love with each other. Machin’s best friend Artus (Philippe Duquesne) and Machine’s sister Charlotte (Lilou Fogli) are skeptical at first, but come to the see the advantages of this relationship. But is it enough to carry on like that for ever or will they need more? The wife of Cornillac with is the actress Lilou Fogli had an idea about a comedy and her husband wrote it. Not bad for an idea which is never been done before. It is a coup de grace for Cornillac who directed, wrote and produce the project the film  has a theatrical feel to it and become a little claustrophobic. The relationship is never tested in the outside world it is just a fantasy it does not replace human contact. We need as human being contact but now days the internet, texting, emails, cell phone is changing the way we communicate. Nice little romantic film by Cornillac and I hope he directs more. It is an entertaining sweet, warm romantic comedy.

Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément! (2015)




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