A film Negar Azarbayjani

Cast: Shayesteh Irani, Qazal Shakeri, Homayoun Ershadi

A young wife Rana (Qazal Shakeri) is driving a cab to make ends meet, apparently an unconventional thing for a woman in Iran, while her husband is in jail for unpaid debts  as a result of being betrayed by his business partner. Her life takes a hell of a turn when she gets a ride to a woman who needed help on the side of the road being sexually harassed by some goons. Adineh, quickly offers Rana a million Tomans to drive her to a remote location. Adineh tells her that her dad wants her to marry a man that she does not know that is why she has to go to this location. But Rana finds out that there is more than she is telling. 

The directorial debut feature for Negar Azarbayjani (co-written with Fereshteh Taerpoor) is a hell of the subject matter especially in Iran. As we know, being female in Iran imposes certain cultural and legal restrictions. It is great intelligent story telling here and the women are struggling with forces that they can’t control. It is a story of acceptance where the father can not accept who his daughter is. It is unnatural for the father to think that his daughter is going to get a sex change and become a man. he can not accept it. On the other hand the bother does accept it but does not want her sister to go, if she does she will never come back. This subject matter in Iran is still taboo. Both woman needs each other here it is very hard for Rana to accept it once she knew, she freaked out. Once she got to know Adineh she beginning to understand that it means a lot to her. On the other hand Rana needs also the money to pay the debt of her husband. It is about two different people who now have one thing in common.The increasingly desperate attempt to escape from Pedar’s wedding plans create a tension tough out the film. Both characters are working against social convention and prepare to make a stand. An other humanistic film from Iran. Good move from the director for giving the role to a woman who almost look like a man. Otherwise this would not work.

Note: In the film it is said that you can get the operation in Iran and loans are available. In Iran mind you wow!!!! A big step there. This film was made in 2011 but was released in France In 2015.

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