NOBLE (2014)


A film by Stephen Bradley

Cast: Deirdre O’Kane, Sarah Greene, Gloria Cramer Curtis

Here is a woman who has survive poverty, a drunk father, lived on the street in Ireland, to top it all off she talk to god. This is the true story of Christina Noble.

Christina Noble has survived a drunk father, a mother that died when she was very young, reform school with a bunch of sisters, rape, pregnancy from the rape and con to give up her child for abortion, then got 3 more kids from a man who was beating her up and cheating on her, despise all that she talk to god., yes you heard right she talk to god. One day there was a sign from god a dream that she should go to Vietnam to do what she does not know. She did later in life and is still there. You see in Vietnam after the Orange effect during the war a bunch of children are born with defects horrible defects and the parents dispose of them in garbages. The place where Christina settle down on was a place where they were taking care of them in a clinic that is run down. They needed money to renovate the place. So Christina called on the oil companies to donate. A nice accomplishment from some one who talks to god and still does to this day. Director Bradley make sure to show how devasted Vietnam was and where the poor people was living in those unsanitary conditions. We take it for granted living in a good home having a nice job etc….Some of us our too busy to even talk about it or don’t want too of what is going on around the world. It is the power of onr woman who was able to move mountain because she was passionate about those kids. Great acting from all this actors here and some funny moment. The cinematography is heartbreaking here. A great film that will touch you heart.




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