A film by Russ Meyer

Cast: Tura Satana, Haji, Lori Williams 

Ok Here is a film by Russ Meyer who has an extraordinary breast fetish. It show in his film big time all his worn in film were young and their breast were the center of attention and also big. No exemption in this film. Although they were’t display as centers of desire all the time sometimes they were to intimidate men. Three go-go dancers – Varla (Tura Satana), Rosie (Haji) and Billie (Lori Williams) – are racing their sports cars out in the desert when they meet up with a young man named Tommy (Ray Barlow) and his girlfriend Linda (Susan Bernard). Tommy is an amateur car racer. Vera challenges him to a race. She cuts him off in the race and kills him.  They take Linda with them to get some fuel. The gas station attendant (Mickey Foxx) tells the girls that the muscle man is retarded and that his bitter old father is  rich, but must have his money  stashed away somewhere at his isolated house.The girls decide to drop in for a visit and takes Linda with them. What they don’t know is that the old man is an misogynist who loves to kidnap women for his retarded son to rape.

Well in this film you have women with big breast fast car it becomes an action flix. Well it is an action film with some bad ass women in it. Meyer always put women in situation where in other film men are. He empowered women in his films. In action film now you see a man who kick ass the hero of the day or men who kick ass, well Meyer decided to have women in his action films and at the time that was never done before. This film however should be titled Attack of the killer cleavage would been more appropriate. It has fast cars, ultra-violence, jazzy music, speed, fast sex. what more do you want in a cult film. Is a matter of fact a friend of mine lend me his copy of this film and I watched it, I never see anything like this it is one of Meyer better film although there is the success of the Wixen films and the valley of the dolls. I love it and soon enough I will get this one in my collection.


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