MARTYRS (2008)


A film by Pascal Laugier

Cast: Morjana Alaoui, Mylène Jampanoï, Catherine Bégin 

Martyrs is a film that trows a punch on fire to destabilize the audience. Pascal Laugier risk to disturb some of the audience. You see the audience is ready to plunge in the story of revenge but then a twist come along and punch you in the face. Seeking the difference between a victim and a martyr, the director takes us on a lot more horrible trip, where the more brutal terror will be revealed. The film is in a total control state. The shock is so brutal and that is what Laugier wanted. It will leave you speechless and you will take a breather and again suddenly you a punch will hit you in the stomach in a form of an other shock. There is a question about life and death and people will ask question about the heroine why she did what she did. Yes The film is a massacre and will leave you thinking this is not a mindless horror story here, it is a film that will make you think. There is a sense of Neo-Nazis into it. The thing is that here is a film that is creative as well shocking and will make you think. You will actually talk about it and say what the hell? There is an other film that comes in mind Haute Tension (High Tension) where there is a twist in it, not as brutal but a great film here too. So be aware this film will shock you, tickle you brain and punch you in the face all at once. Hold down to you seat and avoid eating while watching this film, you will shock on your food. It is the best horror film so far.




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2 thoughts on “MARTYRS (2008)

  1. Brilliant review, this looks like a brutal but highly effective film.


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