A film by Robert Bresson

Cast: Martin LaSalle, Marika Green, Jean Pélégri

The dude’s mane is Michel (Martin Lassalle),  he lives in Paris in a one room apartment. The action takes place in the subway. He wants to commit a crime, he is going to lift a man’s wallet. His face is casual blank so no one knows what he is doing. You see here is that the man does not show fear, he has a blank face no emotions and you will concentrate on the gesture he does when he lift the man’s wallet.

The man Michel is not this good-looking guy nor that he is ugly, he is an ordinary guy with a suit, he blends in and has a few friends, well Bresson did that in purpose. He is just there reading a book and scan the man that he is going to take the wallet from. Of course there is a woman who comes into play her name is Jeanne (Marika Green) she is a neighbor of his mother and she tells him that is mother is dying, Michel does not want to see her instead he gives money to Jeanne to give to his mother. He avoid her and Bresson her doe not supply the why, and that is cool and it does not seat well with some people they want to know why, you don’t have to know use your imagination. And you must have a police inspector (Jean Pélégri) who knows that michel is a thief. There a cat and mouse game going on between the two. Pickpocket are common in France that is nothing new here. Some of them are professional, they can go inside purse unzip it take what they want and zip it back up oh yeah! I have heard this happen to some woman fortunately what they took had no value. Last year they shut down the Carrousel du Louvre for four days because there where a gang of pickpocket stealing the money of the tourists. Now days they work in Two’s or Three’s. So be careful out there. Here is a great film by Bresson like many other that he has made. The thing is with Michel he has not sexual relation with Jeanne their sexual relation is money. Bresson is very precise in his directing he knows what he wants. The thing is with Bresson he is a perfectionist he does at least 50 takes like I said in his previous film, he want the actor to find his way in the character. It is very well filmed you get a shot over the shoulder of a man it is like you are spying on what is going to happen. Do not miss this one.




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One thought on “PICKPOCKET (1959)

  1. Ahh, this one is so good!


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