rocky horror show

A film by Jim Sharman

Cast: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick

Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon) a newly wed couple’s car break down in the rain. They find shelter at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter a transvestite. He offers them a place to stay but Janet and Brad haven’t decided if they are staying especially when a group of Transylvanians dance to the time Wrap to create the perfect man.

This film is the first of its breed and I do not think we will see an other like it. It is still running at selected theater across the globe 40 years later. The longest running and the one of the most well-known and financially successful midnight movies of all time. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a combination of Frankenstein,  and Rock Opera. An other shocking film like I said in the 70’s people did those film to shock people and get them into theaters.  Tim Curry film debut took a big chance on this one after all he had nothing to loose. A terrific performance for the guy no one could pull that off like he did as a transvestite, his entrance remain the best thing in this film. no one has made an entrance like that ever. It is a shock fest as I call it with colorful and bizarre  characters Psychedelic music (well people were into it by taking LSD) and raunchiness. Now if you go to the showing of this film here is a list of stuff you should have on hand. First dress up as your favorite character in the film. Then take those items with you.

  • Rice (to be thrown at Ralph and Betty’s wedding)
  • Water pistols (back row squirts them during rain scene)
  • Newspapers (for front and middle rows to shield themselves from rain)
  • Flashlights or cigarette lighters (“There’s a Light” verse of “Over at Frankenstein Place”)
  • Rubber gloves (during and after the creation speech, Frank snaps his gloves three times)
  • Noisemakers (the Transylvanians applaud Frank’s creation – so should you)
  • Toilet paper [preferably “Scott’s” brand] (when Brad yells “Great Scott!”, throw a roll)
  • Confetti (at the end of the “Charles Atlas” reprise, the Transylvanians throw confetti)
  • Toast (when Frank proposes a toast at dinner)
  • Party hat (when Frank puts on his hat to wish Rocky happy birthday, so does the audience)
  • Bell (“When we made it/did you hear a bell ring?”)
  • Cards (“Cards for sorrow/cards for pain”)

There you have it and if you become a transvestite over night after seeing the movie well we have done our job.

Rocky Horror Picture Show




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