A film by André Hunebelle

Cast: Jean Marais, Louis de Funès, Mylène Demongeot

Fantômas is been taken from the comic book in France, there has been a series of film being made I stubble on this one at the library in Paris. First Bourvil was offered the role but turn it down. So Louis De Funés took it right a way. Jean Marais was around his 50’s when he got the role. You see back the in 1967 they were having fun shooting this kind of film ,here is the thing that I have heard that most foreigners who are hired to do a French film always says that ” you French people know how to have fun shooting a film”. Yes we do. Sharon Stone did  one film one  time and said that what Travolta said  “there is a lot more tension on the American set however on the French set there is a little tension but you guys know to have fun shooting a film. Again Yes we do. and remember this right after the war from 1945 until 1975 were the as we call them the fabulous 30. Those thirty years back then was a different era, you could get a job on the spot you were living it up plus the people were cool. The cars were a lot cooler. The women were awesome, well now days it ia all going to hell.

The story goes like this. A newspaper man invented an interview that he had with Fantômas. Fantômas then kidnap the journalist threaten to kill him and  tells him, he will rule the world. To my surprise this is light hearted comedy although Fantômas is a killer and a thief. If you see the film were he drives his Rolls Royce on the Place Vendôme go into van Cleef and Arpels  (a jewelry and perfume store in France) which by the way is still there to this day. I go to the Place Vendôme all the time it is one of my favorite places. There is some great car, motorcycle  and boat. chases. This film got it all, action adventure  and moves at a fast paced. Yes it shows that they had fun shooting this film no doubt. To top it all off you got to let Funés be Funés, he always provides some comic relief. a terrific film were you don’t have to think too much and you are going to enjoy this ride.




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