La loi du marché (2015)

A film by Stéphane Brizé

Cast: Vincent Lindon Yves Ory, Karine De Mirbeck

English title: Measure of a man

At 51, after 20 months of unemployment, Thierry starts a new job that puts him soon face to a moral dilemma. To keep his job, can he accept everything?

This film provides an insight of a man who lost his job and is trying to get back on the horse after 20 month being unemployed. It has a documentary feel to it. Thierry (Vincent Lindon) who is laid off factory worker comes back from a course teaching him to operate a crane, only to find no one will give him a job if he doesn’t already have on site experience. He calmly express his frustration to the counselor at the employment office criticizing them for not telling the others who attended  the course that it would be effectively useless for them. The scene plays out in full going back and forth with the counselor only to offer him a job in  warehouse. The scene starts the style of the film here. It moves at a slow pace. It is the story of a quiet man with his own sense of dignity, which, despite his situation, he is never going to sacrifice. You see him to his every day life, He is married and has a son who has autism who goes to college, he is a bright young man. Thierry goes to dance class with his wife. He finally gets a job as a security agent at a supermarket where he caught thieves who are like him trying to made ends meet as a results they steals, there you see that it is going to make him uncomfortable. Brizé’s film is grounded in the social realism like the film of the Dardennes’s brothers of even Ken Loach. It is a melodrama, no anger management here, no I hate the world just a man who is trying to find a job, to have a purpose in life, to live his life, and not to give in even of time of desperation.

La loi du marché (2015)



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